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Insurance can be an expensive overhead cost as an owner driver. Insuring your business vehicle, liability exposures and the goods you carry all come at a price. Make sure the cover fits your needs without unnecessary extras and most of all, that the premium is competitive.

Vehicle protection

Without your van or truck, it would be difficult to do business. Full coverage means accidental damage, theft, and your legal liability for hitting another vehicle are all covered under Business Vehicle insurance. Agreed value following a total loss, costs to hire an alternative and specialised clean up costs following a load spillage are one of several policy extensions that need to be tailored to suit your specific risk profile.

Carriers Liability

Because you frequently carry important objects, you run the danger of losing or damaging them.  Carriers Liability insurance protects you from legal repercussions if you cause damage to someone else’s property while transporting it from point A to point B.

Public Liability

Accidents do occur. Even when you’re not in the driver’s seat. A slick door step might sometimes result in a shattered glass door. If you’re legally liable for a delivery mistake, public liability insurance might help you cover the costs.

Statutory Liability

Coverage for legal matters. Running a business is challenging, and adhering to the letter of the law isn’t always easy. If you or your firm accidentally infringe the law, statutory liability insurance covers legal defence costs and certain fines.

We have extensive experience in handling small operators through to extremely large branded OD groups. This ensures we deliver to you the right sized insurance each time.